Wrexham: Book-loving boy reads to care home residents

Betty Newcombe and HarriMandy Jones

A book-loving five-year-old has brought joy to care home residents by reading his favourite stories to them.

Harri, five, spends his free time after school reading to residents in Pendine Park’s Highfield care home in Wrexham.

His mum Laura said it was his love of reading that inspired her to bring the book fanatic to the care home where she works.

Harri has become a firm favourite among residents and his mum said their faces “light up” when he arrives.

Laura, a senior care practitioner at Highfield, added: “Staff also have got to know him well and always shout out ‘hello Harri’ on his arrival.

“They all know him and enjoy hearing how well he is progressing with his reading.”

Harri added: “It’s great. I like to make them smile and it’s nice when they help me if I get stuck on anything.”

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Harri’s favourite books are the Biff, Chip and Kipper series of adventures.


Mandy Jones

Resident Betty Newcombe – one of Harri’s new friends – said his visits were a highlight in the home.

“Seeing him walk into the room always brightens up an afternoon. He is very clever and an excellent reader, considering his young age.”

Highfield manager Tracey Smith described Harri as a “little ray of sunshine”.

“He’s a very charming little boy and he has melted the hearts of the residents and staff alike,” she said.

Laura has since reached out to teachers at Harri’s school to arrange for pupils to visit the care home.

She said: “It’s always a good idea bringing older and younger generations together. They easily enjoy each other’s company and can learn so much from each other.”

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